Capitol “Protesters” are a Minority, So Where’s the Equivalent Treatment?

There is a ridiculous protest and storming of the US Capitol being allowed by Tronald Dump supporters. Despite trespassing into the Capitol building, the police has generally been very light in doing anything about the situation, and didn’t seem to have prepared very well for it by the light presence there. Contrast that against the much heavier response against the much more peaceful Black Lives Matter protests, which’s protesters are largely represented by minorities. I don’t know if the police recognizes it or not, but the Dumpster supporters are a minority! They lost the vote, and for all the people seen, have you looked at the crowds for any number of memorials, protests, inaugurations, and other events in Washington DC? This crowd is basically nothing compared to any of that! It is a minority in every single way you look at it. So why don’t the police treat this minority the same way they do in other protests and trespassing attempts on government buildings? Are they going to be biased on their own biases?

Americans have the right to protest, sure, but this isn’t protest. This is breaking the law, trespassing, causing a potential hostage taking and all. They trespassed, broke property, used chemical spray on police in their way, and so on. Ask yourself what if this group were Black, or a visible minority rather than mostly white?

Just take a few minutes to imagine that!

These people have no respect for the law, or understanding of the law for that matter. So enforce it! Show them what proper law enforcement looks like so they know, and so they know what others who also protest, albeit much more peacefully, look like. How will they ever understand if they don’t know?

This also has to be done because it will persist as long as US law enforcement lets it. They’re setting precedence to effectively say what’s OK by letting what is happening go on unchecked. It’ll happen again tomorrow, and the day after, with more people likely coming to support those there, and probably people coming to oppose them so those there aren’t going to be roaming the streets as freely. It’s only going to get worse the longer this is allowed to persist… and bloody, then bloodier.

I’m not proposing anything outside the norm, here. Just enforce the law. Just enforce it the way it should be, and has been in the past. Get the people there under control, and use your face recognition technology to identify others who might have left but boasted with images and videos on camera. Show them the power of law enforcement so they respect it because as long as they deem it to be weak, they’ll not only continue to do what they did today, but more, emboldened by what they got away with today. That’ll only make them harder to stop, or just slow, and likely, harder to do without bloodshed on both sides. These are extremists in every sense of the word, so let’s treat them that way. Do it before you have a mini Civil War breaking out in Washington DC!


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