Capitol “Protesters” are a Minority, So Where’s the Equivalent Treatment?

There is a ridiculous protest and storming of the US Capitol being allowed by Tronald Dump supporters. Despite trespassing into the Capitol building, the police has generally been very light in doing anything about the situation, and didn’t seem to have prepared very well for it by the light presence there. Contrast that against the much heavier response against the much more peaceful Black Lives Matter protests, which’s protesters are largely represented by minorities. I don’t know if the police recognizes it or not, but the Dumpster supporters are a minority! They lost the vote, and for all the people seen, have you looked at the crowds for any number of memorials, protests, inaugurations, and other events in Washington DC? This crowd is basically nothing compared to any of that! It is a minority in every single way you look at it. So why don’t the police treat this minority the same way they do in other protests and trespassing attempts on government buildings? Are they going to be biased on their own biases?

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Definition: Suicide by Police (or Cop)

Suicide by Police (or Cop)

A suicide method in which a suicidal individual deliberately behaves in a threatening manner, with intent to provoke a lethal response from a public safety or law enforcement officer. Also known by acronyms of SBP or SBC.

From Wikipedia

According to the Revisionist History podcast below, Suicide by Police (or Cop) may make up to 10% of police shooting fatalities! In addition to the high and tragic numbers, for the disturbance it creates for society, where it’s easy to come to conclusion police used excessive force, that is a lot of disturbance! Such a situation causes the families of the person killed a lot of pain, oftentimes thinking it was murder, the officer/s and their families pain, and maybe a lot of unrest in society if it were deemed to be excessive force by police.

Now, I’m not saying police doesn’t use excessive force and that is not a problem by any means! That IS a big problem and there is a lot of justified unrest over it. However, the 10% of Suicide by Police (or Cop) doesn’t help any. It’s also a lethal protest tool if someone, in deciding to commit suicide, were intending to draw attention to the excessive police violence issue by making it seem that way through Suicide by Police (or Cop) rather than more conventional methods of suicide.

A devastating podcast not for the faint of heart, as warned at the beginning of the podcast, indeed!

As of Oct 8 2010, Try Harder NOT to Get Arrested in Canada

A Canadian Supreme Court ruling came down today that limits access to lawyers for people being questioned by police regarding a criminal case.

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled that a person questioned by police in connection with a criminal case does not have the right to have a lawyer present during the interview. The Supreme Court also said a suspect doesn’t have the right to re-consult with a lawyer midway through an interview, unless the situation in the interview has changed significantly. Finally, the court said a suspect does not have the absolute right to consult with a specific lawyer if that attorney can’t be reached within a reasonable time.
– Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC, Oct 8 2010)


I’m no lawyer, but in the spirit of free speech, I’ll throw in an opinion.

I’m siding with the decision here. I do think suspects have too much access and counsel to “prepare” themselves for questioning by police. Really, if you’re innocent, a little preparation to make sure you say what you need to properly, which isn’t necessarily the “right” thing to say, is all you need. Extensive counseling from lawyers so you don’t incriminate yourself basically alludes just that, even if you’re presumed innocent till proven guilty. That’s an ideal, and we all know humans aren’t ideal people, as much as we strive for it.

But I write this post because I have a practical piece of advice to those worried about this split 5-4 ruling.

Try harder NOT to get arrested.

This ruling will then have no direct significance to them. If they worry about it affecting them indirectly through those they know and/or love, advise them of the same thing. More common sense in the world means less legal system.

I’m not encouraging people to be better criminal while in Canada so as not to get caught. I’m encouraging people to stay within the law in Canada.

Save the tax system some money. Save the yourself some hassle. Save the lawyers some income.

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Reading Level: 7.5

Chimp Cartoon is Racist from Ignorance, the Root of Racism

NY Post Chimpanzee Political Cartoon

NY Post Chimpanzee Political Cartoon

A political cartoon appeared in the New York Post on Wednesday of police shooting a chimpanzee dead on the sidewalk, smoking gun standing over it like a criminal just shot dead. The chimp shooting mock the situation where a woman’s chimpanzee mauled another woman.

However, the quote attached to one policeman in the cartoon was “They’ll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill.”

The question was who was the person referenced to be writing the stimulus bill. This was the argument the defenders of the cartoon were using, including its creator, Sean Delonas, and Post editor-in-chief, Col Allan. They were claiming lawmakers and Nancy Pelosi, current Speaker of the US House of Representatives and anybody but President Barack Obama. You can argue on the literal answer and the visible answer which is President Obama constantly in the news talking about it in heading it, but the facts are these.

These people work with connotations to manipulate it to their needs so as to make people laugh, suggesting this and that in their work. They cannot have missed the association between the chimp, ape, whatever you want to call it, and the old stereotypes propagated of black people being more primitive in being such creatures. They damn well know that! To defend it is to be racist.

To say it didn’t mean that or that they didn’t know is ignorant, which is the main cause of racism, and then to deny it when confronted is being consciously and blatantly racist. At least admit it was and then standby it if they want to be stubborn, you know? Don’t plead innocence through ignorance.

Ignorance is not an excuse for racism! There is no excuse, any way!

And if Sean and Col, especially Col since he had the final approval, can’t tell these things would offend people, get out of the business! Part of their job is to know where the limits are. Admit to themselves they suck at what they do and get the hell out! Find another job! Hey, I bet the Klan is recruiting!

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