Innovation and Inspiration from Wasted: The Story of Food Waste

The innovation discussed

Ways you can reduce food waste, reduce their impact in how you get rid of it, and how some innovative chefs are reducing food waste through the entire food usage cycle, from prior to cooking to after the food has been rejected towards the trash.


What YOU can do with this innovation

  • See where you can waste less food, whether better planning, better understanding of “best before” dates, or otherwise.
  • Figure out how to minimize the impact of the food you have to throw out from the from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and practical tips in the documentary.
  • Get inspired to cook with more of the food you can buy, better food and/or not judge food you buy based on their appearance alone.

The documentary link in the Twitter feed where I first talked about this is from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation website, which is not viewable outside of Canada from my understanding. However, the Wasted film website has many ways you can view it at home, or at a screening.


There are some very inspirational and innovative chefs featured in this documentary, including the late Anthony Bourdain, and Massimo Botturo. I first heard of the latter through the Rebel Talent book I blogged about a few days ago. I was really inspired by his why not? attitude towards life, though not in a reckless way. It’s the second time the guy’s name has entered my life in the past month or so, and I am sure it won’t be the last time. Given my #1 Signature Strength is creativity, followed by curiosity, don’t be surprised if you see me really get into cooking some time in the near future!

I just need to get motivation to cook more joyfully for myself rather than needing to cook for others to bring out the best of my creativity in the kitchen. I wonder if some place like a soup kitchen would let me cook there, where I’d do my homework at home knowing there is an end goal beyond feeding myself? 😉

The most useful bit of information for the regular person might have been this Food Recovery Hierarchy from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


Finally, the coolest innovation was probably the usage of undesired bread loaf heels (the end slices in a loaf of bread) to make beer!


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