How Many Slices of Bread Doth A Jar of Jam Spread? you buy a jar of jam, how many sandwiches do you expect it to cover? How many sandwiches do you think it will cover if you’ve never thought about it? Do you have any idea? Do you even care? If you didn’t, maybe this would be a fun posts for your kids or kids you know if you didn’t have any. I’ve been curious all my life, but never took the time to search or find out. The answer is probably somewhere online, with variance as different jams, especially those with solid fruits, different jam spreading styles, among other factors, can influence the answers. But that’s why I went to do my own experiment to find out. And good thing, too, as it turned out, because a quick search revealed no such answers online!

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Innovation and Inspiration from Wasted: The Story of Food Waste

The innovation discussed

Ways you can reduce food waste, reduce their impact in how you get rid of it, and how some innovative chefs are reducing food waste through the entire food usage cycle, from prior to cooking to after the food has been rejected towards the trash.


What YOU can do with this innovation

  • See where you can waste less food, whether better planning, better understanding of “best before” dates, or otherwise.
  • Figure out how to minimize the impact of the food you have to throw out from the from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and practical tips in the documentary.
  • Get inspired to cook with more of the food you can buy, better food and/or not judge food you buy based on their appearance alone.

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The Easiest Fresh Banana Bread Ever

Seriously, give it a try before you laugh at it. A banana sandwich is the freshest banana bread you can make, and the easiest, too!

But if you were worried about being mocked for such crude cuisine, try the deluxe craftsman version below. 😉

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