What Science Says about Becoming Happier, a Presentation

I recently completed two courses on the science of happiness. The first was the Science of Well-being course from Yale, on Coursera, offered by Professor Laurie Santos. The second was the Science of Happiness offered by the UC Berkeley on their edX platform. From those two courses that were fairly complementary, I have put together a presentation not just on the science of happiness, but what it says to help you become happier, that summarizes the content of the courses, for which there was plenty! Links on the side of each slide lets you access much more information than the practical aspects I touch upon for this to be useful. While the courses are about the science of happiness, their content is geared towards making the learner happier, and that is lens through which I am presenting it. The science on its own isn’t terribly great if you don’t or can’t use it for something good, right?

Below is the presentation in 3 formats, pending how you want to view them.

  • There is a password protected PowerPoint file for MS Office 365, if you want to view it that way. Or use it to show others. Just open as “Read-only”. There are plenty of links for reference, additional info, and such, in this file.
  • There is a PDF that is more universal for people to view if they don’t have MS PowerPoint or a fairly recent version as of 2018. The links are still there, but viewing it like a PPT slide deck isn’t really easy.

What Science Says About Becoming Happier PUBLIC PPT

What Science Says About Becoming Happier PUBLIC PDF


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