Originals, Hidden Brain, and Innovation Tweets

The innovation discussed

A better understanding of innovation and the ways of innovative people. Some great sources of information on the nature of innovation, how innovative people are, and how they do things, much of which are contrary to common perception.


What YOU can do with this innovation

  • Learn how to cultivate it, or more of it, in you and in others.
  • Understand innovation and innovative people better, starting by removing some myths you might have believed about both.

With this post, I am reinventing the identity of this blog to its newest reincarnation, which will have a focus on innovation. The first sentence of each post related to innovation will summarize the innovation discussed.

I’ve been making good use of Twitter for over half a year as a way to bookmark online innovation resources, through tweets with some hashtags to help find the resources later. On the other hand, I’ve not been blogging for many reasons taking up my time with more priority than posting. During an oxygen deprived phase of a two mile interval run yesterday, the idea of combining the tweets with posts hit me like total oxygen deprivation! Surely, WordPress must have a way to embed tweets easily. If so, I could write just a bit more than in the tweet about whatever it is I was posting, and share it with many more people that follow and visit this blog than do my Twitter account. Not surprisingly, WordPress did not let me down!

In this post and via the two tweets on one topic, because I found it that useful, I’d like to first introduce you to The Hidden Brain podcast, introduced to me by a summer student colleague named Rebekah. It is currently packaging past episodes for a summer series called You 2.0, of self-improvement, which is among my favourite topics as I love trying to improve myself! 🙂

The latest episode was an interview with Adam Grant, author of Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World. He talked about the habits of the most creative people, and how they are not as the myths would have you believe. You click on the links and find out how, but I’ll just say it was comforting, and encouraging, for me to hear those findings because my creative side suffers from some of them, and my habits that matched the results aren’t thought of well by me. 🙂



With the podcast having peaked my interest, I went to see what Adam Grant’s book was about. The fact it was a best seller wasn’t a surprise because I found his research and presentation very convincing, rather than sounding like hype. What was a pleasant surprise was that it had a foreword written by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, who I admire a lot for her emotional intelligence, probably best felt in an easily accessible means via this Desert Island Disc podcast. When they have guests I’m curious about, this is probably my favourite podcast! I trust Sheryl Sandberg would not write forewords for books just for some money or less than genuine and sincere support, and having read it, I was absolutely right! I can’t wait to read the rest of the book now even more!

The second surprise about the book was that for some reason, the Kindle version was just $1.99 Cdn ($1.76 USD)! I have no idea why it’s so cheap, but it ain’t the content if you look at the many great reviews, nor if what i had heard of the subject matter were any indication! I’ll take it, though! I’d have paid 10X for the ebook had Amazon charged that! 🙂

Before getting the book, I tried to see what else was available about Adam Grant and the book, and sure enough, there was plenty of content. Among that content, though, was a great TEDTalk from 2016 (in tweet below). TED is about as a good a learning source for amazing content, as far as I’m concerned, though not TEDx which is significantly less impressive most times.

So all that said, I am onto the next inspiring thing in my life. It will go well with a few other things I’ve come upon in the past month, and will be working through in the next few, that I will post in the near future. That includes exploiting my rebel talent (at the heart of Originals) to (re)design my life! In the meanwhile, if you had not heard of Originals, and probably have misconceptions about non-conformists, I would suggest you try some of the content in the links provided with this post.

And no, I won’t be writing anywhere near this much for future posts with tweets embedded. I created this strategy not to have to spend a lot of time blogging, while doing it regularly. 🙂



Please click here to see more tweets on innovation via my Digitalcitizen Twitter.

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