2017 Dodecalendar Printout Pattern

rhombic-dodecahedronA few nights ago, I made one of the more interesting calendars you’ll find for 2017. It was put on a 12 sided rhombic dodecahedron, and thus called a dodecalendar. The idea was not mine. I saw someone carve one out of wood. I don’t have a wood working shop, nor have the skills, to do the same thing. However, I had the skills to create the same design on paper, so I did, and I thought I’d share it with anyone interested or who might care to try themselves.

2017 dodecalendar pattern 6 pgs PDF (1.3 MB)

This pattern has 12 sides, each with 4 flaps. It prints two sides per letter sized page, with ample margin, with the rhombus sides being 14.1 cm, or 5.55 inches (5 and 9/16 inches if you want a fraction). Tips and instructions for assembling can be found on yesterday’s post where I posted a blank rhombic dodecahedron pattern, in case you wanted to make one with art, photos or some other idea you have.

It’s only 6 days into January at the time of this posting. There’s plenty of time to assemble and enjoy your calendar if you want a craft challenge! I’ll try to remember to update this pattern in December to be ready for 2018 before the year starts.

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