This Site is Now Mobile Friendly! :)

I’ve been out of the loop for quite a long while on this one, and I apologize. The old format was a custom format which I had rather liked, but it was good only on screen. I haven’t been a big phone or mobile user so I never really looked at it on a mobile device all these years that people had started to view web sites on phones and small tablets! It looked fine on an iPad so I generally thought it was fine.

I found out not too long ago how unusable this site was to use on a phone and finally got some time to find a mobile friendly theme that worked well. I’m grateful WordPress had something like 164 template choices because I was very picky and only found one that suited my wants to the degree I wanted! That would be Motif. The other choices were great, don’t get me wrong. Just not quite the long list of what I was looking for given my design tastes and range of content on this site. Also, in doing this, I was able to ditch the customization fee I’ve been paying the past handful of years and save myself some money!

I hope you and my other users will like the new theme better. Thank you for visiting!

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