Do You See the Future of Tech This Way?

President Obama recently outlined six huge challenges he saw to the tech industry via Wired Magazine. Today, six of the tech industry’s leaders answered back in a very insightful article:

  • Tim O’Reilly on tackling inequality
  • Chris Dixon on strengthening cybersecurity
  • Mark Zuckerberg on ensuring that artificial intelligence helps rather than hurts us
  • Yasmin Green on keeping terrorists from using technology to plot and do harm
  • Mary Barra on developing tools that will take climate resilience and clean energy mainstream
  • Satya Nadella on making it easier for citizens to participate in their government

Please click on this link for the article.

Some of it was positive talk, in my opinion. However, I thought lot of it was great insight a good perspectives on these topics compared to what they’re generally portrayed to be, or what most think of them. I don’t think those perspectives the respondents shared were spin, by any means, but genuinely good ways to look at these topics. While I won’t be at the forefront of any high level and big impact changes in these fields, like many things, we will all have our part to do in it. For my part, i will take these perspectives with me when deciding on relevant actions in these areas.

I hope you will read the article and think about what is said as well, for when you’ll need to do your part. 🙂

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