Blueberry Bacon Stir Fry Recipe

(with green onions and mint leaves)

Something I improvised on for supper the other night and it was GOOD!!! Fits well with my Theory of Deliciousness, too! 🙂


  • 1.5 cups white rice
  • 9-12 strips of bacon
  • Fistful of blueberries
  • Some green onion at tip and some at base
  • Some mint leaves
  • Optional soya sauce


  • Steam the white rice.
  • While rice is steaming, dice up mint leaves and green onions, keeping them in separate piles.
  • Cut up 6 strips of bacon into half inch slices, or similar size. Heat wok to medium before this step if the rice were almost ready, or heat when rice is almost ready.
  • Put bacon into heated wok, along with the base green onions to achieve some burned fried green onions once the bacon is cooked.
  • Once bacon is cooked, put rice into wok, mixing constantly and thoroughly for a few minutes before turning off stove. The grease from the bacon should help the rice separate rather than be sticky in clumps (should be good enough for properly steamed rice like that done in a rice cooker).
  • Add in green onion from tip and mint leaves, and mix thoroughly.
  • Add in blueberries and mix enough to get them evenly distributed in wok. Add in at same time with green onions and mint leaves if you prefer most blueberries to be “popped” when you are done. More “popped” blueberries will allow them to spread their juices among the rice, whereas leaving most of them whole will give a different texture, and some flavour explosions in your mouth when you “pop” them in consuming this dish.


This was delicious to eat! The sweetness of blueberries with the salty of the bacon was delightful, not to mention the little explosions of juice from biting into the wet blueberries among the dry rice and bacon. The white rice is filling and energy packed. The aroma of green onions, burned and uncooked, with the fresh mint was a combination you don’t find a lot in cooking. That contrasted the hunger inducing smell of bacon for quite a combination! With this being on the good side of healthy and super tasty, I’ll be making this a lot more often in the future!

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