Obama’s 2015 Barackets a Stinker as Duke Wins March Madness

Congrats to the Duke Blue Devils on winning the 2015 NCAA March Madness Men’s Basketball Tournament.

Every year since President Obama has been in office, he has put in an NCAA March Madness Men’s Basketball Tournament bracket, lovingly known as the Barackets. He has met with mixed success, but this year, his Barackets was a total stinker! I’ve blogged the POTUS’ Barackets performance every year per weekend of the tournament, but I was away for it all this year until now, for which I can only file a final report.

Every year President Obama had entered a Barackets entry, I’ve also filed an entry to compete against him. In all but one year, I’ve beaten him handily. It’s no different this year, although it could have been a devastating margin if only my Final Four had turned out to be the least bit correct. You see, Obama had the worst Barackets entry of any year, from my records, and I had all four teams in the Final Four correct! I just didn’t pick the winners of the semi-finals, so have no shot at the final game being correct, either. All of those games being massive in points!

President Obama’s 2015 Barackets finished at a terrible 38.5 percentile. That meant 61.5% of the brackets beat his!

I didn’t do terribly well, but much better at 63.5 percentile ranking… and better than da Prez… again. 😉

One more year, Mr. President. You’ll have a losing record against me, but can still get the last laugh. Good luck! You will probably need it, hehehe. 🙂

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