A Narrated Moped Drive Through Ho Chi Minh City

While I was in Ho Chi Minh City last month, I got my cousin Oc to give me a ride through the city centre, side streets and even some pretty narrow alleys on his moped. While he did this, I filmed it using a handheld camcorder placed to the side of his head, and narrated it. Then I edited the footage to keep the highlights of the trip.

It was a little crazy cause this is a city of drive-by snatching theft! One grab at the camcorder and we might well have gone down since it was tied to my wrist for “safety”. I was betting seeing the tie to my hand, meaning the camcorder wouldn’t come free easily, would deter the thieves, as well as the fact my camcorder probably looked the seven years old or more that it was. Too crappy for their standards, in other words.

Fortunately, I was right. Here is the footage of what I got. Have a look and see how crazy driving is in HCMC! I haveĀ no idea how people in North America where I live get in so many accidents, as well asĀ stupid accidents, any more! Nor understand the road rage issue over nothing compared to what you see here!


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