Procrastinate Productively Quote

When you procrastinate, do so productively 

procrastinate productively quote minh tan halifaxMinh Tan

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Everybody procrastinates at some point. This isn’t about whether you should or not, right or wrong, best thing to do in the moment or not.

This is about how you procrastinate when you do.

Make sure you don’t waste the delay time by doing nothing, or something stupid, or even something not of value. By doing something of value that will need doing when you procrastinate, you’re essentially just swapping time to things to be done, not wasting it. What gets done might not be what’s needed now, but it’ll be needed sooner or later.

Procrastinating is not great and it’s not something I’d advise someone to do, unless there were a really good reason to, like waiting to see if something might happen that might affect the cause of your action. However, there are better ways to procrastinate than others, and at a high level without details, just do something productive instead.

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