Verbalizing Nouns Quote

Verbalizing nouns is an easy way
to add life to your language 

verbalizing nouns minh tan halifaxMinh Tan

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A few days back, I put up a quote about how everybody should use some words not found in any dictionary. That’s not easily done for some, inventing new words. The easy version of that, for me, is to nouns as verbs, nouns that aren’t available as verbs already. The noun is in the dictionary, sure. The verb in some tenses would not be.

An example I use is to haiku something. What I mean is to put it into the Japanese haiku poetic form, with “it” usually being a short thought, phrase, sentence, quote, etc. The verb form of “haiku” isn’t really a different word from the noun, but I tend to use it in the past tense to tell other people what I did rather than to tell them to do the action, like I haikued something.

I’m not suggesting anybody goes around talking with nouns as verbs all the time, by any means. Just once in a while, like a small opportunity to throw in a little joke or add a little style or life to your language. Life, here, is an appropriate adjective. Verbs are action oriented and you are essentially animating an object without life into something done by a living being. It’s also a little spark or colour to your language that could be described as adding a little life to it.


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