Is It Time for Another Facebook or Social Media “Friends” List Update?

As part of setting or resetting things in my life for the new year, I updated my Facebook friends list. I mostly dropped some, using tips I wrote in 2010 on which Facebook friends should I remove. However, I also added a few who have recently come into my life and who I can say with some confidence I will see and interact with again numerous times in the near future.

In doing so, I just thought I’d put it out there to see if any readers out there need to update their “friends” lists on any social media platforms. Those “friends” that need removal may seem harmless enough to be a waste of time to try and decide who to drop, or have to deal with potential social awkwardness consequences cause people will just be “people”, but they can have an impact on your life. It may be as small as how much time do you waste reading their stuff over a year. Or more subtle but damaging like negativity infecting you all the time through their posts.

If you haven’t updated your social media “friends” list lately, a simple and good way to start the new year might be a good reason to do so. National Unfriend Day passed on November 17th, and would be a long wait if you wanted to do it on the occasion. Do it now and things will likely have changed enough in your life by next November 17th to update your list again. 🙂

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