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Flaws are what makes people most interesting

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If to err is human, then one’s flaws are what makes one human, among other things. Those other things can be interesting, too, of course, but most interesting? I think that has to go to the flaws that are essentially our humanity. Why do you think there are tabloids and gossip? Why do you think they are so popular? They’re not talking about things people are doing “right” most of the time. They’re about what people are doing which we deem to be “wrong”.

Look at it another way. All the people raised up on a pedestal for whatever worthy reasons, especially if it’s something like a fairy tale too good to be true, what do people do? They try to find some flaw in them. And have you ever noticed the public pays much more attention to them when they’re exposed for their flaws?

On yet another note, this quote came out of an email exchange with my friend Peryn. To this, she replied if the flaws were addressed. Perhaps. However, I think if you were able to explain it away and understand the flaws, that takes away the mystique of those flaws. There’s no intrigue to wonder about as to why someone would have done such a thing, or were a certain way. If you could explain it, you’d just move on then. There’s nothing to hold you and your attention.

I think any of those arguments could support this view, but put them together, and there is no doubt that flaws are what makes people most interesting.

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