Heart Over Matter Quote

 Heart over matter

heart over matter minh tan quoteMinh Tan

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The expression mind over matter is a pretty popular one for encouraging one to overcome challenges by putting one’s mind to it. It’s often used for rather overwhelming challenges, for which logic to convince oneself they can be done often doesn’t carry a lot of weight. So why do people tell others to put their mind to it then?

To me, when the challenge is overwhelming, you’ve got to believe you can do it. That is, it’s more faith than logic, cause logic is the doubt that will tell you that you can. Belief comes with emotions, and that’s metaphorically the heart. Besides, where do you dig deep when you need to find that extra something to get you over the hump or through something?

Sure, there’s no alliteration with it. But are you looking for marketing feeling talk with alliteration, or hardcore wisdom? 🙂

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