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Love is the ultimate lottery

love lottery quote minh tanMinh Tan

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If you’re of the belief there is the one soul mate for you, or one true love, then your odds of finding that person is about 1 in 3.5 billion these days. That’s far worse odds than even the biggest lottery that only numbers in hundreds of million to one odds.

If you’re of the belief love is something no amount of money can buy, then the prize of finding your true love is bigger than any jackpot you might ever win, without a doubt.

And you have to play the game of love to win. Even an arranged marriage, you’d have to play as someone’s pawn to get matched up with someone.

With the biggest odds, the biggest prize, and having to get lucky to win, love is the ultimate lottery.

Now, about those 3.5 billion to 1 odds. If people really only had one true love in the world population, the human race would have died off long ago. Fact is we mostly settle on someone who surpasses our expectations for happiness and work to make it a beautiful thing should it turn out. There are others who could make each of us at least as happy. It’s not the story we want to tell ourselves, but look at it another way. How many people did each of us scope to really know what the rest of the population could hold? Or how’s about the average distance between couple members would be a quarter of the planet away? Do you think chance has it that most of us has our soulmate living within about 20 miles of us, if we all indeed married (or joined somehow) with our one true love on the planet?

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