Last Day Quote

If you lived everyday like
it were the last day of your life,
soon it will be!


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There’s a very popular expression that encourages you to live everyday of your life like it were your last, with intent to get the most out of life, basically. It sounds great, sure, but it’d also be the biggest brick laid in the road to Hell that’s paved with good intentions. I mean, answer this question honestly with some details to be realistic.

What would you do tomorrow if you knew it were the last day of your life?

Then answer this question.

How long do you think you could keep that up?

That is, before your body can’t take it any more, or you don’t have the money to keep on doing it, or people won’t tolerate you, or whatever. Chances are, not very long.

Of course, as each day goes by that you didn’t die, you’d live the next day a bit differently. You might not do the same thing as the day before, but I’d bet it’d probably be a similar thing, or similar soon enough in a cycle. That might be partying in a different way, or flying off to yet another continent, or experiencing some other crazy thing you’d want to be fore you die or can’t sustain yourself. That’s why if you lived everyday like it were the last day of your life, it’d soon be your last all right!

It’s also why I hate the expression.

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