Grading System for My Fashion

Recently, I completed a series of posts on the ten elements of my fashion philosophy, which I will use to guide myself in designing and making garments. That doesn’t mean I’ll try for all of them all the time, but it’s a useful guide.

As a professional analyst in my day (and only real) job, guides are useful to some extent if left as that. However, they’re better when there are indicators of success and/or progress. That’s why I’ve created a simple self-grading system to score each of these ten elements in a garment out of 10 for a “percentage” score out of 100.

I’ll try to be consistent, but beyond that, I’m not going to take the complete fun out of it by nailing it down to steadfastly that a computer would be required to score things. I’ll be gentle to give 5s on meager things that are sort of like a passing grade, but that’s partly to compensate for elements not present where I’ll give a big fat 0. It’ll be hard to get a garment with all these elements so there’ll be plenty of easy automatic deductions that the “easy” 5s won’t be gratuitous. However, I’ll won’t be giving 10s that easily, either. They’ll definitely have to be earned! I’m not aiming for this as a pat on the back so it’s not like I’ll be giving A (85-89%) and A+ (90% and over) grades that frequently, either!

So let’s see how it’ll work by gauging a few garments I’ve made!

LINCOLN Vampire Hunting Jacket




1.   High contrast 7
2.   Non-generic colours 7
3.   Interesting colour combinations 7
4.   Tone or big bold prints 0
5.   Symbolism 8
6.   Good fit 7
7.   Asymmetry 6
8.   Creative cuts 9
9.   Practical wear and care 7
10. Memorable look 9
  1. There’s not a lot of contrast with it being mostly one colour. However, what is there is definitely contrasting with black denim and shiny silver.
  2. Black is very common, but silver on clothing not meant for night clubs is rare. Don’t see much silver trimming, either.
  3. Black and silver isn’t rare, but it’s not common, either. Ditto for silver above as part of colour combo.
  4. No tone or big bold prints.
  5. I call it a vampire hunting jacket because the silver is in strategic places where major veins are, keeping the vampires away. It’s a subtle, but effective symbolism guiding the design.
  6. Arms are a little short compared to dress shirts that will stick out. Quite snug otherwise.
  7. The silver trim accentuates the slight asymmetry of the overlapping pieces. Marginal but it was put there to show off that little bit of asymmetry.
  8. The pointed tail and angled bottom front parting to round the back, plus princess seams, is not a typical coat! The seams are hard to see, though. Better that way than colour blocked, but that’s why not a 10 score.
  9. Fleece stuffing and Bemberg lining pretty much means hand wash. Luckily, I won’t have to do it too often as it wasn’t meant to be a rain coat and it does breathe not as bad as it seems. Very easy and comfortable to wear.
  10. I get a lot of looks wearing this coat! A lot of comments, too!

Total was 67%. I told you this wasn’t going to be a self pat on the back!



Superman PJs

Superman PJs



1.   High contrast 5
2.   Non-generic colours 6
3.   Interesting colour combinations 7
4.   Tone or big bold prints 7
5.   Symbolism 10
6.   Good fit 9
7.   Asymmetry 10
8.   Creative cuts 5
9.   Practical wear and care 4
10. Memorable look 9
  1. There’s definitely some contrast there with the white clouds, blue sky and Supe.
  2. Sky blue is not in a lot of garments.
  3. Sky blue and white is not together in a lot of garments.
  4. The clouds are bold enough.
  5. Clouds and Superman flying is pretty symbolic!
  6. Fits great, though the collar is a bit too big for my liking.
  7. The print and odd Superman here and there is totally asymmetric.
  8. The pants are only two pieces, as made from PJs my aunt once made me, so that the sides of the pants are not seamed to leave one bigger image rather than a “cut” in it, but that’s of some value.
  9. The slightly metallic shiny fabric means it heats up as my body does, and I can feel that heat coming back. The Superman applique is starting to fray after a year so not the greatest for practicality, but a year considering the hand cutout nature of the applique I created isn’t bad.
  10. Most people gave me a favourable reaction when they saw this in picture or in person. I don’t think it’s that forgettable. Too bad it’s sleep wear so it has, and had, rather limited viewing.

A 72 score isn’t bad. But you know, if I got great marks to start, or too frequently, then this isn’t a great measure. It’s hard to be great all the time. 🙂

I’ll be going back to grade other garments I’ve made once in a while. All future garments, when I blog about them, will be graded like this, though!

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