A Memorable Look and My Fashion Philosophy

This post elaborates on the last of ten elements of my fashion philosophy, which is if I were caught on security camera, there’d be no trouble describing me.

You know how in multiple choice questions, there is often a final choice of “other” to cover everything else? This is my version of that among the ten elements of my fashion philosophy.

Many of the elements of my fashion philosophy almost assures a memorable look from the rarity of similar clothes being seen. Whether it’s a creative cut, asymmetric design, interesting colour combination, or some combination of these and the other elements, if done “right”, it will be memorable. If done “well”, it’ll be memorable in a good way, but I’m not too concerned about whether or not others will like it. In fact, with the major look I’ll be sporting in my Mandarin collar dress shirts not tucked in so worn like a tunic, I’m pretty sure most men won’t care for it. But it works for me for a formal look I can wear to work without having to tuck in my shirt which I hate doing.

I’m generally going for a “different” look with my clothing design. It is called “design” and not “copy”, for starters. And if I wanted the common look, I’d just buy it to spare myself all this grief of having to learn to make clothing. I can handle the slight lack of fit, even after tailoring, as I have done most of my life. I just had a few motivating factors come together all at once to get me on this clothing design and making adventure, and I’m taking advantage of it. Whether anyone likes it is another matter. However, I do hope that not only will some people like it, they at least won’t frown upon it for inappropriateness, like the clothes isn’t appropriate or isn’t good enough for the occasion/s for which it was made. An example would be dress shirts too informal for work, for those ones I intend to wear to work that won’t be anything like the typical office look for men. Frowning upon my clothes for taste would be fine. In fact, if someone does, I hope s/he will do so enough that s/he won’t forget the garment any time soon. That’s the negative end of the “memorable” look spectrum I’d be going for there, but still in the spectrum.

As for being easily describable if seen on security camera, the look has to be not only memorable, but fleetingly memorable. People on security cameras aren’t always there long, sometimes just passing through. In such a case, they would have to be fleetingly memorable if someone were to try to describe them. I aim to do that with my fashion designs. I hope people won’t be getting ideas to frame me as a result!

So that’s it, the ten elements of my fashion philosophy. Now, let’s get down to showing some new fashion I’ve made and grading them!

I’ll also be grading some garments I have made in the past in future posts. This is gonna be fun!

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