Happy Chinese New Year 4711 of the Black Water Snake!

February 10, 2013 marks the start of the Chinese New Year. It’s the Year of the Snake, in general terms. If you want to be more detailed, it’s the Black Water Snake. But people generally only care for what it all holds, right?

I found this article in the Daily Telegraph to be interesting, and fun to read. I especially liked the part about more Gangnam-styled success for Psy. Sorry for those of you who hate the thing. 🙂

Unfortunately, that might be the best prediction. Otherwise, some well known predictors are predicting disaster. They point out that 9/11, Pearl Harbour, Great Market Crash that began the Depression, occurred in the Year of the Snake. However, I think the writers of the Daily Telegraph have Western bias regarding snakes with fear and venom. It is true Water is an element of fear in Chinese culture, but Snakes tend to be viewed more neutrally in Chinese culture.

If you want something more personal, may I suggest going through steps in the Chinese Fortune Calendar site if you want something a little engaging. Not everybody is in balance with the universe in the same way, of course. See how you fit in, and learn more about the Chinese zodiac, elements, feng shui and culture in the process. It’s a nice little exercise that’s not demanding, and opens the door to more you may or may not want to explore, without requiring you to do so.

If you want something more straightforward just told to you, try this Rappler.com review.

As for me, I must say I’m glad the Year of the Dragon is over with. It was supposed to bring challenges, as well as luck, the Dragon being fortuitous as well as demanding. Well, the challenges and demands were quite obvious to me this past Chinese calendar year. The luck, if it exists, remain to be seen. Changes forced upon me in life have led to new opportunities, of course. Whether those opportunities will ultimately be better than what I had, and/or was headed for, is what remains to be seen. I thank the Dragon for its vigilance, as nothing disastrous happened to me, but I am looking forward to more change as the year turns and see what may lie ahead.

Just remember one thing, though, all these predictions may be what happens around you, but you, ultimately, still have an important say in how it all turns out in matters regarding your life.

All the best for the year of the Snake! Now, go celebrate in one, OR ALL, of these 7 ways!

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