Coke, the Official Drink of the Matrix, Klingons, Naruto and the Entire Fictional Universe!

I love Coke! As a guy who doesn’t drink alcohol or coffee, it servers the same role as alcohol and coffee serve in most people’s lives, though I don’t drink more than a can a day, on average. I just take it much more moderately on each occasion than people generally take any of those other fluids. I also love cosplaying (being in costume) and photographing cosplayers. That’s when I got the idea of putting all those loves of mine into a photo that could be a meme marketing campaign.

Basically, choose a drink for any gathering of cosplayers, like a comic convention, where people dressed up as many fictional characters are present. Then take a picture of each of them with the drink, and make it the official drink of whatever series, species or group they represent. So as above, you can see I have the Matrix franchise, the Klingon species and the Naruto series. I’m Neo and the Klingon in Star Fleet uniform (long story).

The idea is to sort of “take over the universe” by capturing as many of these series, species and groups as possible. Just give each person a free drink to pose and get them up on a website or something! Have a booth to do this, with some free drinks till you exhaust your supply. Or just sell it cheap if you don’t want to give it away and lose a whole whack of money in the process. I bet people would pay $1 for a can of Coke, with photo op to go on a website, where they can download a small pic for their use, like on Facebook. Seriously, talk about a cheap way to take over the universe and make yourself the official drink of the fictional universe!

I’ve recently pitched this to our local radio station, Q104.3 in Halifax, and Jones Soda, their sponsor. Let’s if they will like it, and maybe not be afraid of copyright infringement to use other brand names without permission. Not sure how that all works, but for an individual like me, it’s just good fun. I was hoping Jones Soda would have a booth at Hal-Con in Halifax, our local sci-fi,fantasy & gaming convention run completely by much-too-dedicated volunteers.

I’ll add more pictures here in the future as I get them. It’ll be slow, though, cause I don’t plan on lugging free Coke around to be giving everybody. What I might do alternatively, is any time I catch some cosplayer with a drink in their hand, I’ll turn them into an advertisement for that drink. We’ll see.

Fun thirst quenching times ahead!

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