Titanic Fanatics… Time to Get a Life!

Living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where we have Titanic victims and history and all, the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic has been one seriously overblown melodrama in a province that thrives on traditionalism.

However, sadly for them all, the 100th anniversary just past yesterday and now it all will fade into obscurity again. That was their day in the limelight. Now that it’s over, though, thank you very much for the time and effort put in to preserve the legacy, but it’s time to get a life!

That may sound harsh, but I do have compassion for them. Let me extend an open invitation to become a Trekker, or serious Star Trek fan. Our future still lies ahead of us, and we have many pre-centennial celebrations before our time, which lasts not a night but at least a handful of centuries… possibly eternity. You Titanic maniacs just picked the wrong ship to worship, that’s all. Simple mistake anyone could make.

So yes, put all that past behind and join us! Jump ship! We’ll save you! No need to have more people die off with the name Titanic, even if by phenomenon this time. Don’t make the same mistake those aboard the ship did to think the phenomenon is unsinkable!

Just one disclaimer, though. Even if there will be many of you coming to our franchise, we probably will not dedicate a ship to your honour. We respect the curse the name brings.

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