Has Tim Tebow’s Magic Finally Ran Out? Poll.

With the Denver Broncos’ loss in the final game of the regular season, Tim Tebow and his Broncos finished their season 0-3 and had to rely on help to get into the playoffs. This was after a magical 7-1 run under Tim Tebow, whose magic seems to have ran out as it no longer was able to cover for his weak ability to throw with some magic. Has Tebow’s magic finally ran out, and how much Tebowing might he have to do to get it back if so?

Tim Tebow was a major story, if not the major story, in the NFL this 2011-12 season. He came in when the Denver Broncos were 1-4 and went 7-1 in his first eight games. He made up for his weak throwing ability with his running ability, size, will, determination, leadership, faith and an ability to inspire others to play harder for him. While that’s all great, he also relied on a chain of relatively improbable events to have won all those games, because it wasn’t all on Tebow and his teammates.

The problem with winning on improbable events, though, is that they don’t happen in your favour forever. I don’t care how much praying or Tebowing you do. During that 7-1 run, “magic” was the phrase I heard most often to describe it, not anything tangible due to Tebow and this teammates. Without that “magic”, one has to wonder how well Tebow and his teammates would do? Well, I get a sense we’re in the middle of finding out, and will find out in a harsh reality next season!

First test will be against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first round AFC Wild Card Game next week. Tebow got some help with this, too! The Broncos lost to the Kansas City Chiefs this week to back into the playoffs, against a team where Ben Roethlisberger is badly injured and Ryan Clark, one of their main defenders, can’t play in Denver due to health complications of a blood disorder with the altitude.

Still, trust me, the Steelers are no Chiefs! They’re a hell of a lot better! Good luck, Tim! Better start Tebowing now and get everyone on that site of yours to do the same for you cause you’re going to need all of it!

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