My Thousand Mile adidas adizero Bostons

Below is a video showing my newly retired adidas adizero Boston running shoes, after 1000.5 miles of service.

I’m infamous among my running friends for retiring my running shoes at a thousand miles, to keep myself from getting injured from wearing shoes that are more worn than that. I can do this because I’m a very light person who is further light on his feet, and my body seems to be pretty sturdy towards running. As for tracking, I really do track the mileage as much as my run because the advanced Excel spreadsheet log I created and use (free), allows me to do so meticulously. I just have to enter the run mileage and shoes with each run.

I’ve just retired another pair of running shoes at 1,000 miles. This is my second pair of adidas adizero Bostons retired at a thousand miles. They’re my light shoes for speed workouts and some long runs, and I love them! I love them more that they can last me 1,000 miles as a lot of light speed shoes wear out so quickly. If you can run in light speed shoes, I would highly recommend the adizeroes. They have forefoot adiprene that make them very comfortable relative to any other light speed shoes. These are not racing flats, just to be clear, though they’re plenty light enough that I race in them.

For the first time, I own a video camera when I am retiring my shoes. So for my records more than anything else, I took some video footage of my newly retired adizeroes. With 1,000.5 miles on them, I guess the “zeroes” in adizeroes refers to three. I’m sharing despite the fact I don’t think anybody would care to see the shoes. I’m also insulting Arabic people for whom showing one’s sole is a direct insult of the worst kind. Recall the shoe thrower at George W. Bush in the past? However, I’m pleading context for not intending to do so.

There, was that boring enough for you? Is there a “most boring video” contest on YouTube? I’d like to enter.

Anyway, to the shoes, as I always tell them when I retire them:

Thanks for the service and may you retire to slower times.

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