Transformers Wallpaper Collection 4 (1440 x 960 pixels and other sizes)

Please click here for Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon wallpapers

These are Transformers wallpapers I have found or made from graphics I found not originally made as wallpaper. Those I found I have modified in some way, often resizing and removing annoying fine print, though I have left names and/or links of original work. The quality and variety are terrific. Even if you didn’t care to have Transformer wallpapers, if you are a fan, many of these are definitely worth the click for full-sized look!

The Transformers wallpapers in this gallery are 1440 x 960 pixels. Other size wallpapers can be found at the links below. The smaller sizes have many more options as big files can always be converted to smaller ones, but smaller ones can’t be made into much bigger ones than their original sizes.


Please click here to see the Generation One (G1) Autobots and Decepticons counterpart to this gallery.

Make your own customized screen saver from these Transformers wallpapers.

Please click here to see all the Transformers products (Generation One and Movie) on this site, which include:

  • Avatars, buddy icons and Facebook profile pictures
  • Collectible Trading Cards (print like regular 6″ x 4″ photo)
  • Facebook tagging pictures
  • Posters (18″ x 24″)
  • Wallpapers of many sizes


8 thoughts on “Transformers Wallpaper Collection 4 (1440 x 960 pixels and other sizes)

    • Thanks for the requests, but I’ll have to keep it in mind for when I make more wallpapers and other Transformers products in February. I’ve got lots on my plate in life in the meanwhile.

  1. may i make a suggestion/request despite the fact that i know you have a hectic schedule…. an optimus/jetfire combination… i think you miss that one… these images are awesome!!! great work…

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Romel. I have an Optimus/Jetfire combo wallpaper for the 1600×1200 pixel size. However, it didn’t fit well resized into the widescreen 1440×960 pixel size I assume you have because you left a comment here. However, in June, I’m planning on taking care of a whole bunch of Transformers graphics stuff I’ve been collecting. There’ll be new wallpapers, larger ones, more posters of most of the movie Transformers, etc. I hope you’ll check back somewhere in the middle of June for it. I’m just overwhelmed in May with stuff that I’m only catching up on posting stuff I’ve made in March!

  2. Whoa some of these wallpapers I haven’t seen anywhere else. did you use Photoshop to modify them, and if so, do you have any tutorials on how to actually become proficient in Adobe ’cause it’s killing me right now lol.


    • I used Photoshop to modify some of them, yes. However, I got most of them online and touched them up to make them better, though, rather than creating a lot of original ones. But why bother when there’s such a great amount of starting material, right? Just gather a nice collection together, make it easy to access and view to let users decide which ones they want, and leave it at that. Thanks for the comp, though!

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