G1 Autobots Wallpaper Gallery 4 (1440 x 960 pixels)

This is a developing post in that I will continue to add to it with time until I remove this notice, so if you like what you see here, please come back every month or so to see new wallpapers created and/or added.

I created the wallpapers with the mostly black backgrounds and in series of three across a row all with the same Autobot. The Autobot art came from the Transformer toy boxes, and were obtained from Botch the Crab’s Transformers Box Art Archive. However, I did my fair share of Photoshop magic to get them in the condition you see here, and then did the design on my own.

Please click here to see the G1 Decepticons version of this gallery.

Please click here to see all the Transformers products (Generation One and Movie) on this site, which include:

  • Avatars, buddy icons and Facebook profile pictures
  • Collectible Trading Cards (print like regular 6″ x 4″ photo)
  • Facebook tagging pictures
  • Posters (18″ x 24″)
  • Desktop wallpapers of many sizes
  • iPhone, Palm Pre and Blackberry Bold 9000 backgrounds


2 thoughts on “G1 Autobots Wallpaper Gallery 4 (1440 x 960 pixels)

  1. Check with people on eBay or some Transfromers communities to be 100% but I’m pretty sure that unnamed red car Transformer is an Optimus Prime Alternator. I’m close it’s on this site, and is surely Optimus, just a Binaltech one. Pretty heavy toy, I’d love to own one.

    http://winterheim.wordpress (dot) com/2008/09/27/binaltech-alternity-optimus-primenissan-r35/

    There’s a silver one as well, but the classic colors one ya have on your page’s a lot cooler.

    • Thanks a lot for that Optimus Prime Alternator ID, Kevin! Way to go to find that information. I’m sure you’ve got it right, and I would certainly love to own one of those toys as well.

      I haven’t taken the time to find some Transformers communities to ask questions or share my wallpaper collection, but I should.

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