Tagging Your Facebook Friends on Superheroes Poster

Today’s Facebook poster tagging meme involve comic book superheroes (and superheroines). These are limited to DC Universe and Marvel comic characters, and there are no villains to stay away from the negativity of it all, even if it is fun to jab your friends every now and then. I’m just not that type.

  • Click on the superhero poster below to get it at full size.
  • Right click on that picture and save to your computer.
  • Upload it to your Facebook profile.
  • Tag your friends (or let them tag themselves).

Please click here for a complete list of over 100 Facebook picture tagging memes on this site with which you can use for fun with your friends.

For use as English as a Second/Foreign Language exercise.

Other X-men posts on this site:

Post-dated add-on.

I found several X-men Facebook tagging posters on Facebook, recently claimed by Lori. As with what I found, I touched them up to optimize them for Facebook as so many are so poorly created, whether in dimensions, excess file sizes, contrast, sometimes text added, and so on. There are 9 X-men characters each, though they come in sets of the male and female characters rather than a mix, but may be good for some people. However, I must say, the art work chosen to create these is fabulous! Super job!



20 thoughts on “Tagging Your Facebook Friends on Superheroes Poster

    • Thank you. This is my personal favourite of all the sets.

      Oh, I forgot to tag myself. I’m Wolverine… because I heal well from anything, not because I’m a clawy type of person. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Kristi. I try to stay a positive person, but my sense of humour does sometimes get me into trouble. I hope you were able to turn your eyes away from the other less civilized Facebook tagging memes I had created or posted here. πŸ™‚

  1. Hi Kristin,

    Thanks for pointing this out! The easiest way for me to get you the JPGs would be if you emailed me at digitalcitizen at hotmail dot com (the proper spelling of an email, written this way to avoid spambots picking it up). The nerdy tech spec explanation otherwise is below if you wanted to try.

    It seems to be an Internet Explorer browser situation, though I had only tested the post on Explorer and Firefox. I’m not sure I had the Explorer problem at my home (I’m not home this week to retry) but I have Explorer 8 beta there and that might be why I never picked it up.

    As for getting what you want, I would have to put file links to JPGs stored somewhere else, but unless you want the pictures for other purposes than Facebook, you don’t need the JPG format. Facebook will take the BMP format Explorer forces you to save the file as, and there is no resolution lost in the conversion process, it would seem to me. Otherwise, you can also download the BMP and resave it as a JPG in your favourite photo editor after opening the file. That’s really all you need to do, without being insensitive to provide additional links on the posts. But given there is no need to post JPGs for the intended use of these pictures, no loss of a different format saved, I would just prefer you and others email me and I will gladly send you the JPGs.

    Thanks for pointing this situation out to me! Literally thousands of people have viewed and downloaded these graphics and nobody had alerted me o the problem!

  2. You have 3 out of the 4 Fantastic Four but no “Thing”??? He is totally the most solid of them all… I’ll still go with it, but I wanted to be “Thing”.
    Thanks for it though… it’s the best so far.

    • Hi Dave. I’m so sorry but I couldn’t find a picture of the Thing I was happy with. First I needed a full shot of the full Thing. Practically everything was cropped. Then, the rest were weird in some ways. In some dorky black spandex full body swimsuit with a 4 logo. Running and punching but because its left leg was bent, from the front, it looked like he needs amputation at the knee. Trust me. I looked longer than other superheroes for something of the Thing, not the least because I wanted the complete Fantastic FOUR, not three. I had to settle for Hulk and Beast as brute “substitutes”. Thanks for the comment and compliment. This poster has been stolen, reposted with other sites’ advertising a lot. I take it as a compliment. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Ev, I’m not sure what you mean of “others”. If you mean other superhero tagging posters not like any of the ones I have, I’m sure you can just Google Superheroes or Superheroes posters and search by images (instead of web links). You can also go to Flickr, Picasa and other popular photo sites and do the same thing. Whether the photos will be big enough or have enough heroes and heroines for Facebook tagging is another story, but you can see what you find and I’m sure there are some you’ll like that you can put to use. If you meant something else by “others”, please clarify. Thanks for asking.

  3. Wow, this is really flattering! I had no idea when I went to google “X-men Ladies” a few months later I’d find MY tag-a-friend creations coming up.

    I am the original creator of both the ladies and gentlemen of the X-Men up above. =) Obviously, the artwork isn’t my own–I merely added them together in a collage. It would be nice if you would remove “by digitalcitzen.ca” from the images, however; as you said, you may have altered these creations, but the original collage isn’t your’s–it’s mine.

    Be happy to prove it with the photoshop image files and layers. πŸ˜‰

    • Hi Lori, I’m not home right now but I’ll take care of this next week when I do get home. Just wanted to know I got the message and will be doing something ethical about it. No need for “proofs”.

  4. That’s awesome of you, Digital. I’m glad they’ve been such a big hit, I sure enjoyed making them and tagging my friends in them. πŸ˜‰

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