187 X-men Movies Widescreen Wallpapers (1920×1080 pixels)

13 new wallpapers added May 22, 2011!

There are surprisingly few wide screen monitor wallpapers for movies for some reason, especially considering movies are almost all in widescreen format these days. The situation is worse for older movies. That’s why I’ve made a whole bunch here, from graphics I found online, altered and enhanced.

Of all the wallpaper sets I’ve created on this site, I have to say this has been my favourite. I love the X-men comics, and I thought the casting and costumes created for the movies’ characters were fabulous! The movies were spectacular, too, and I only wished they put one out each summer. Goodness knows they’ve got enough story lines to create that many for a long time… and it’s not like they don’t make a ton of money, either!

I hope you enjoy these wallpapers if you have a widescreen monitor. I have more for other monitor sizes coming by the end of November!

If you’re using Windows XP, you can learn how to create your own customized Windows XP screen saver with instructions via this link.

I also have instructions for how to use Windows 7′s nice rotating background feature to rotate many of these wallpapers on your computer if you didn’t know how to enable it.

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4 thoughts on “187 X-men Movies Widescreen Wallpapers (1920×1080 pixels)

    • Hi Seph7. Thanks for the comp and sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately, I don’t have any other graphics. I got mine from what I found online. I don’t have the DVD to try Screen Capture.

  1. Good work man.
    Just one thing.. pic titled Toad aint Toad.
    That guy is Jason Winguard the illusionist. In X2 he’s called Jason and he’s the son of Stryker.

    Try and make some with Jubilee. Use the deleted scenes from X-Men and X2.

    • Thanks for the comp and correction. I did realize that but had forgotten. I’ll fix in a few weeks when I’m home from vacation and can also use my desktop with software required for the Jubilee wallpapers.

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