Definition: Guerrilla Gardening

Guerrilla Gardening

Guerrilla gardening is the act of gardening on land that the gardeners do not have the legal rights to cultivate, such as abandoned sites, areas that are not being cared for, or private property.


Sounds like a fun concept! More info and examples can be heard in the 99 Percent Invisible podcast episode below that is one of my favourites of all time!


Definition: Peace Lines

Peace Lines

Barricades that divide areas of Northern Ireland to help keep the peace. Also called Peace Walls as many are really walls.


These could apply to other places where similar barriers exist, but the term originated and is mostly associated with the complex situation in Northern Ireland. From the 99 Percent Invisible podcast episode below.

Definition: Informal Urbanism

Informal Urbanism

The production of urbanization independent from formal frameworks
and assistance (if they exist) that do not comply with official rules and regulations.


Less formally, DIY alterations to urban spaces, especially public spaces, by people.


Here more about it, and many examples positive and negative, in the 99 Percent Invisible podcast episode below.