Let’s Be Irrational for Pi Day! (March 14)

Pi Day is observed on March 14th each year, when the month and day (3.14) make up the first 3 digits of the mathematical constant π (pi). Popular ways to celebrate Pi Day include eating pie and discussing the importance of the number. But you know what? That’s SO boring and, well, predictable… and especially ironic considering Pi is an irrational number. That means Pi’s decimals digits are never repeating or “predictable”, since if it did ever repeat, it would become predictable as you had seen the pattern before!

I propose something a helluva lot funner… and harder, to truly celebrate Pi Day and give it its dues. BE IRRATIONAL ALL DAY ON PI DAY!

And how does one go about being irrational?

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Cows in the Pasture Pillowcases!

I’ve been in an extended sewing slump for many reasons. I was on multiple vacation trips. I had serger problems (and patience not to just run out buy another one). I had garments gone bad, some eaten by a serger I thought I had fixed and some from my own pattern altering fault. However, I’m back!

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