Fulfilled Contract with Myself to Become a Writer

https://digitalcitizen.ca/category/writing/I am super fortunate to be able to get a lot of not too expensive things in life without having to save up for it. However, that doesn’t mean I usually just go and get them, especially if they were over $50. No, I like to do things to keep some good characteristics sharp, like wait for a sale, make myself save some money elsewhere from usual routines, do something to “earn” it, among others, including combinations thereof. Well, after 100 days of writing this year to start my minimal two year journey into writing, I got myself a decent chair to sit and write in!

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What’s the Tech Version Number of the Current You?

Software and hardware usually have a number with them to denote their version. Think Windows 10, iPhone 12, or Android 11, for example. In days of less savvy marketing, and in the operational world, these software and hardware versions often also have a decimal to them, like Android 4.1, for smaller updates and/or upgrades compared to the more major ones that changed by the whole number. On this system of numerical version naming, I thought to myself, what version would I be if I thought about the changes I had gone through as a person in life?

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Family Guy, Disney and Penguins Facebook Tagging Meme Pictures

Please check out the 73 Penguins avatars and buddy icons created from the Penguins Facebook picture tagging memes below!

Here are some more Facebook tagging meme pictures I haven’t been able to find anywhere else easily, so I’ve put them on my blog. I created the Family Guy version, with relatively few characters compared to others I created thus far. However, I was only able to find graphics of those 8 characters with white backgrounds and that’s enough work to assemble them, label them and such for me on one post. It’s for the Family Guy fans, which I don’t think are quite at the level of the other meme themes (see links below), but I’ll let the download stats speak for themselves. It’s also for people who don’t have time to tag 25 people, or daring ones who not only have their family as friends, particular Parents, but will also tag them! This is also the first time I created a pictorial Facebook meme with personality traits rather than straight character names.

The other two meme pictures here are Disney characters and Penguins (somebody need to enlighten me on the cartoon franchise from which they came). The first penguins version I created. The others I only slightly optimized ratios and edited out one extreme expletive that was simply gratuitous, and it wasn’t even funny. I’m glad someone did the personality labeling for Disney characters because I sure didn’t want to try. I had thought about a Disney set but passed it up due to too many characters without prominent distinguishing personality traits. As for the Penguins set, not knowing anything about it really, it’s just included. Here’s how you get any of these graphics for Facebook:

  • Click on the picture below to get it at full size.
  • Right click on that picture and save to your computer.
  • Upload it to your Facebook profile.
  • Tag your friends (or let them tag themselves).

Please click here for a complete list of over 100 Facebook picture tagging memes on this site with which you can use for fun with your friends.


The State and Buzz of the Internet Today, Literally!


Jonathan Harris (courtesy of TED.com)

Jonathan Harris (courtesy of TED.com)

Jonathan Harris is an artist, computer scientist and anthropologist. It’s an interesting combination that yields fascinating results. In the inspirational and funny talk below, he shows how he combines these interests and professions into a website that constantly tracks what is being said online. Then he maps and groups them in all kinds of way, with all kinds of other information like your age, gender, weather in your city, etc. on a site called We Feel Fine. Never mind what people are tracking about you online and who can harness it, without your permission, but look at what it tells you about the world as is being expressed in text on the Internet.

In another application, he converts what is being said into word constellations in the stars. The history of constellations was that they told what was important in life and to the culture naming the constellations via the stories told at the time. The Universe site shows what our constellations would look like if we created them today objectively based on what is said.

Then after the talk, you can go to try the webware itself. That is, you can try the program on the Internet without downloading anything. But whether you care to try or not, just listening to the talk gives you a very different perspective of what’s going on over the Internet, and what people can do with it that you likely don’t know if you’re like most people I know. There are also a few big picture insights into humanity.

This could be a huge time killer if you love this big picture stuff, with ability to mine down into the smallest details of your interest. I’m trying to get therapy not to waste my life away on it! 🙂

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Reading Level: 9.6


Jonathan Harris: The Web’s Secret Stories (Mar 2007)


Jonathan Harris: The Art of Collecting Stories (Dec 2007)