Fulfilled Contract with Myself to Become a Writer

https://digitalcitizen.ca/category/writing/I am super fortunate to be able to get a lot of not too expensive things in life without having to save up for it. However, that doesn’t mean I usually just go and get them, especially if they were over $50. No, I like to do things to keep some good characteristics sharp, like wait for a sale, make myself save some money elsewhere from usual routines, do something to “earn” it, among others, including combinations thereof. Well, after 100 days of writing this year to start my minimal two year journey into writing, I got myself a decent chair to sit and write in!


It’s not a fancy chair, but I wasn’t looking for a fancy chair. Mind you, it was nice that the Staples near me had just that, and in white that brightens my space rather than all the black chairs generally available! I just needed something softer to sit on than the black stool seen that had been chosen years ago (foreground in picture) as a deterrent to not sit at my computer for too long! Writing at the computer, if I were to write a lot now, I’d have be at my computer a lot because I can’t even venture to too many places with a laptop to write now. I’d have to wear a mask all day if I were indoors outside of my apartment, or constantly be writing and drinking or eating something in a food mall court, and I am not doing any of that!

I easily foresaw this need coming in December, when I committed to my two year writing journey, and possibly long, starting January 1st this year. However, in case it didn’t stick because I don’t have a problem with “failing fast” and regrouping for things I try that weren’t committed to others, I made sure I found a way to earn my chair. That was because price check at the time showed I’d be needing to spend at least $100, and not something like $20. Besides, it was good to practice self-discipline and patience, with a little adversity to write while uncomfortable. Can never get too much of those good traits, you know!

Sitting here writing in my new chair, which I had to haul home in a box walking, and assemble at home, I feel so good and comfortable! I will be here a lot more than even in the past 3.5 months, even though the weather is getting nicer. It will also help me save my legs for more running, and more intensified running as the weather gets warmer. I just hope it won’t be so comfortable so as to fall asleep easily while at my computer. We’ll see!

But yes, with this chair, I’m now officially taking writing seriously! My writing competition list, which I use as motivation to write seriously, treating them as assignments, is getting longer to give me more choices and more challenges. I will be turning out more diverse pieces, from length to genres, all with the goal of a memoir in mind either at the end of the two years, or to start it after the two years, pending how soon I feel I will be ready to take my latest crack at it.

Game on!!!



542 words

3 thoughts on “Fulfilled Contract with Myself to Become a Writer

  1. I love counting my word count too! I celebrated my 1000-word tenth post because it is really something I’m proud of. I learned that when I keep consistency to write, I can actually manage it.

    If you like to see my one month old blog, you can visit me at https://theonlycharm.me/

    Thank you. ☺

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