Facebook Sharing Memes

Facebook sharing memes is gaining popularity on Facebook these days. The idea is that you share links, usually video, of some theme for some amount of time. For example, share a music video a day for a week or a month where there is something in common among the videos.

These sharing memes seem to be a hit because it’s a one a day sort of thing that get people engaged to sort of “follow” you through time, rather than something like Facebook tagging where they see your tags all at once and that’s the end of that “game”. These sharing memes also tend to make you think a lot more, about songs, your life, your association with various things, people, and so on. And at one a day, that’s plenty of time to think about it. Often, it’s also a pleasant topic, so who wouldn’t want to keep pleasant thoughts on their minds? It’s good for you psychologically and emotionally!

Music videos seems to be the big hit so far among Facebook sharing memes because there are many of them, and pretty much everybody likes music. However, there are many other ideas among videos, never mind all kinds of other links, quotes or whatever. As I post more ideas, I will collect them here, along with my “answers” to them.

Some of these ideas are tied to a specific time of the year, to be in sync with something going on at the time. However, there’s nothing to say you can do it at a time that works for you. For example, the 28 (or 29) great love songs meme for February. Heck, well, if you’re in love now or just feeling up to it, whether it’s February or not, just do it! You can do it again, or another set, in February or next February.

Music Videos

28 Great Love Songs for February

Top 10 Bob Dylan Songs to his birthday (May 24)

The Better 30 Day Song Challenge

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