Prompted cohesive today except the source of the writings, which were six writing prompts from my weekly Creative Writing for Newcomers class, and the twist I tried to make from each instead of going where the prompts were pointing me. I didn’t do it with the first prompt, only looking to fill it with something more interesting than what someone might have thought in response to the prompt. However, once I found it, I made it a point to not only find an interesting response for the following prompts, but to intentionally sideswipe or blindside the direction in which those prompts first led me. We only had two minutes with each prompt, but I generally liked what I got out of it.


On the inside of the jacket…

was a piece of Lego. Not just any piece of Lego, though. No! It was one of those rare, customized pieces of Lego! The kind that is hard to find, as well as substitute, and one that could ruin a set if it went missing! Oh, my! Somebody’s not happy about their incomplete Lego set! And I am the cause of it! In my hand, I had something that looked like a glass wand, or a glass laser. Either way, it could destroy, if real. And if its owner ever got it back, they may pretend it was real to destroy me for having walked away with it and having held on to it for a decade since I hadn’t worn this jacket for at least that long!

Just a fun thought


A taste she never knew before…

or rather, a taste word she never knew before. Umami. How many people do you know who can name that? Unless they were Japanese because that’s the origin of the word. Yet, it is one of the five universal tastes we all experience! The savory taste provided by monosodium glutamate or MSG powder of instant noodles. The taste of protein, tomatoes, shellfish, other fish, fish sauce, mushrooms. She, like the rest of us, had always had it. She just never knew the word for it, probably like most of us didn’t.

Turned taste into vocabulary going back to taste, contrasting the unknown with the universal


Yesterday, the snow kept falling… [May 18 current date]

It started out as Nova Scotia’s annual May blizzard, but this was really a snowstorm, if not a northeaster! This thing didn’t just dump and go as those May blizzards tended to do. It dumped! And dumped! And dumped!!! Until everybody was dumpfounded at the amount that fell!

Had a good laughing groan at the dumpfounded pun


It was a sunny, humid day in August…

4041. Humans are no longer around. Well, they are, but they have stripped themselves so much of their humanity that they could no longer biologically call themselves human. They’ve got genes from half the plant and animal kingdoms, for all the traits they wanted. And what they couldn’t get naturally, they got machines to do what the genes could not, just as fully integrated into their body so as to be just as inseparable without pain or death.

Really liked this one and might actually use it for a writing competition one day, in a different form since it can’t have been published before, including on blogs


Then everything came into focus…

The yellow letters in the pile just rearranged themselves to spell out the word, and the key to solving the mystery! Focus! It was all about focus!

Struggled with this one to put a twist on the prompt, as can be seen with the short overall response that was quick with the first sentence, but followed by little else


The last time I spoke with her…

we were in our previous lives. It was remarkable that, somehow, we managed to not only find each other in this life among eight billion people, but that we recognized each other! Mind you, there was no mistaking that soul of hers, if you ever saw it by chance at a glance in a stranger’s eyes.




678 words

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