The Most Judgmental Person I Know’s the most judgmental person I know. On its own, that’s not so bad. That’s just being opinionated, even if the opinions came with condemnation. With the reasonably “correct” opinion, I would even agree the judgment, even if I might not care to judge. Alas, not with this person. What’s bad about her is that she was the least qualified person to be judgmental about a lot of what she was judgmental about, at least least qualified to be that judgmental! More unfortunately, whether the fact she was so pushy with her judgments, or so unqualified to render them, being the more annoying part of her was what made her the most annoying person I knew.

This woman was not judgmental as a resultant of being stupid, like many are. She is sort of smart. The kind of smart some people think they are because they can follow complicated instructions and memorize convoluted theories, but have no clue they have no clue how to properly apply them. It’s like she knew how to drive, even well, but rarely has any fucking clue as to where to go, including when the destination is given to her! Sometimes even when the map is given to her because she deemed she either didn’t need it, or it wasn’t good enough, or both, when the map was given to her because those who gave it knew she had no sense of direction. To top it all off, she was also the type who couldn’t realize, or sometimes couldn’t admit, she ended up in the wrong place!

Despite all this, perhaps the true tragedy was that she got somewhere in life. It’s true what they say, and by emotional intelligence theory, that persistence is a far better trait than intelligence as a predictor of success in life. This woman was constantly persistent. She rose in the ranks in part because of the system, only stopped when her academic background and time on the job that didn’t exactly translate to “experience”, couldn’t get her farther. That was because more senior jobs required more skills and abilities and she had none. It was like she had a Class 1 license compared to others with less. For the tougher driving jobs, there were driving requirements and she had it with that license from long ago. It was all about credentials. Unfortunately, there were navigation tests, so her Class 1 license simply outclassed a lot of people along the way to qualify for her better jobs. However, all she ended up doing was wrecking more vehicles and leading more people astray, without ever acknowledging it, or at least that it was her fault in the least. In just a handful of years being in the same place as her, I’ve seen her wreck projects, and have them delayed because she fought for turf but couldn’t do anything right, so better a stall than to go wrong by letting her do the work!

And then there was this passive aggressive addiction she had any time she couldn’t get her way on something to undermine anyone she could on anything she could, especially those who she knew could do what she could not. Actually, that would be the wrong phrasing. In her mind, they could not do what she could, and she’d be right, because she was so bad no one could. For example, if she had to pass on files, she would pass it to the least qualified person in whom she could come up with some plausible reason to give it to them, rather than to the obvious people who could actually do the job! That was her way to say she didn’t believe in you, so badly that she’d give it to someone almost incompetent on the matter to suggest to you what she thought of you. She might have done that to tell you what she thought of your lack of ability as well, but I think she was smarter than that. She knew who to fear in defending her turf, rather than thinking they were of no threat to her. She was always threatened, the most insecure person I have ever known. Adolescents seeking identity seem like they all could tell you their life purpose compared to her when it came to personal insecurity!

If all that weren’t bad enough, through it all, she would constant act innocent, like an innocent old woman oblivious to everything that was going on when she wasn’t. She had an identity to upkeep with her background and self-proclaimed profession that she was, by far, the worst I ever knew of the trade. If exposed as an imposter that she was, she would have had a breakdown and a three-quarter to 90% life identity crisis, pending how heavy the crisis would have been for her to deal with. Yet, I still had no mercy for her seeing the damage she had done to the system with big projects led astray, delayed till she was gone or could be removed from them, thrown out sometimes because it was the only way to rid her of it before reincarnating it as something else beyond her persistence to get on board again. No, when I think of all the efforts wasted by others, and benefits withheld to groups or public, from her damage, I’d have taken it on myself to bitch-slap the old bitch back down the ranks… if only I wouldn’t have been charged with assault to do so.


How’s that for passionate character development vignette? Who was the most judgmental person you’ve ever known and how would you describe them? As well as how you feel or felt about them?



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