The Autobot McDonald’s Stopped in Their Drive Through province recently started a lockdown-ish to stop some newly uncontrolled COVID spread. Part of this was to stop indoor dining once more, though I wasn’t sure if that included ordering inside for takeout. I figured if it didn’t have to happen, then why let people inside and wait in lines, increasing risk of COVID spread? That’s why I figured I’d order via their drive through, but much to my surprise, they didn’t let me!

It was all planned. I was going to run like a machine today in the latest test of my new running style. That style would be “other foot in front of the one” instead of “one foot in front of the other”, in case you were wondering. I was going to push the limit to 16 miles for my long run in this style, to see how I’d feel, by which’s end, I will also have done 18 hours of intermittent fasting that’s about double the longest time between meals each day for me last year, and 3 hours more than my average this year with a deliberate effort on doing intermittent fasting.

Because I was going to run like a beautiful machine, I wore my Transformers T-shirt with a huge Autobots logo on the front. I also wore it because I had planned to order McDonald’s after my run, since I wasn’t going to be cooking after that and 18 hours of intermittent fasting, and I was going to do it in drive through. I figured I’d just tell them I’m actually a car and “prove” it via my logo for a joke. Certainly, the people in other cars waiting got the joke and loved it!

However, when it came my time to order, they didn’t let me order! When I  pointed to the logo on my chest and made my case, they still didn’t let me order! Is loss of sense of humour a symptom of COVID-19? Seriously, people! I’m trying to save you some close contact here! And I was able to do it last year when there was no indoor ordering. Wassup???

To be fair to McDonald’s, the one on Quinpool Street in my city, the Manager came out and told me he’d give me a mask at the doors to come inside and order. Still, it took the fun out of the whole thing, cause I had to turn to the line of cars curling behind me and just shrug, smile, and walk away to the front doors. But for my great run, and having to put up with that embarrassment, I treated myself to a Big Mac meal instead of my usual McDouble Meal, paying $10.34 instead of $6.66. I didn’t need anything more with curses on them today (666).

Fortuitously for me, the mask I was given allowed me to visit some other stores on my way home to look for some things I needed. By chance, I found some zinc for my running on sale, which was why I was holding out on getting some over the past few weeks. And how much did I save? Not $10.34 exactly, for the perfect ending, but $10.35 is pretty close! That was fluke, too, since there were two bottles left and I took them both despite needing only one for the next 9 months.

You know Fate looks out for you well when you have stuff like this happen to you!



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