Capitalism’s Funnel Problem all the economic problems there are in the world, as far as I’m concerned, there’s really only one economic problem. That problem is one of fairer redistribution, to get more people more accurate value for what they deserve, and also some value if they were not currently productive until they can be. Every economic problem is one variation or another of this fairer distribution problem. The problem with how we’re trying to solve it, though, is by tackling a niche of this problem here or there, rather than the entire system.

Currently, capitalism is seeing far too much money ultimately flowing to far too few people. So long as the system exists to allow 1% of the world’s population to own twice as much as 90% of the population, you can pour all the money you want into it, create all the opportunities you want out of it, and so on, it won’t matter for long. The system will win out because that’s how it works. You’re just fixing what goes into the funnel, so to speak. Anything created will simply flow back to the richest, and get worse because those rich will still want more, and hold on most to it since they can’t spend it all and risk being broke tomorrow, leaving the rest with increasingly less share of the wealth present… and more people more desperate to do more desperate things just to make ends meet, or to get ahead because they ran out of patience.

Now before you go thinking I’m going to suggest communism, or even socialism, to curb the rich, let me just clearly state there’s far more than enough rich to go around to have lots of people richer than they’d care to be rich once they realize the problems that come with wealth, how it also won’t buy you happiness, and that they’d only want to get richer because they had built their identity on having money and not actually being anything. I’d still be happy to see billionaires, and lots of millionaires, so long as they earned their wealth more ethically (mostly not at the expense of gouging others put into desperate situations by the current economics), and pay something closer to their fair share of taxes.

So that’s the solution to all this then? What does someone like me have to suggest then, being the type that brings solutions, not problems, by life philosophy. I mean, if I had thought about it and couldn’t come up with any good ideas, or even just ideas, then there’s little point writing to complain about the solutions currently being applied because maybe they are the best we can actually do. It’s like if you don’t have any better suggestions, then just respect those who worked hard for the current ones, even if they fall short.

Well, I do have some good solutions, albeit aspirational ones cause if they were just simple and easy to do, they would have been done by now. However, seeing the laws and other situations we have created, supported, and/or put up with in the past, these are relatively easy, even if hardly easy. We only need to look at ourselves and what we’ve done, good and bad, to realize who possible these solutions are. Writing them out right now would make one post rather long, but come back and check posts over the next two weeks and among them, I will lay it all out!



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