Neither Part of Solution nor Problem So Don’t Label Me’s been this slogan I’ve been hearing for a few years now about how if someone weren’t part of the solution, then they were part of the problem. Regarding that claim, let me put it politely. No. I don’t know where these people get their binary logic, on something that doesn’t even have to even be a continuum but isn’t even binary. I don’t know if they realize the dramatic irony of their intrusive labeling considering all these causes they’re applying it to are to take down the unfair binary labels humans have created for ourselves. I don’t know if they realize the ridiculous irony of them labeling others the way they’re fighting not to be labeled themselves, but frankly, no… I’m not part of the problem just because I’m not part of the solution, and I will not stop at shoving that unjust and illogical accusation back into the face of anybody who will try to unfairly put that binary label on me!

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Capitalism’s Funnel Problem all the economic problems there are in the world, as far as I’m concerned, there’s really only one economic problem. That problem is one of fairer redistribution, to get more people more accurate value for what they deserve, and also some value if they were not currently productive until they can be. Every economic problem is one variation or another of this fairer distribution problem. The problem with how we’re trying to solve it, though, is by tackling a niche of this problem here or there, rather than the entire system.

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Vocabulary: Hard Problem of Consciousness (and Qualia)

Hard Problem of Consciousness

The hard problem of consciousness is the problem of explaining how and why sentient organisms have qualia or phenomenal experiences — how and why it is that some internal states are felt states, such as heat or pain, rather than unfelt states, as in a thermostat or a toaster.


Basically, how and why do conscious organisms have experiences, with feelings some of the time, while some don’t.



In philosophy, qualia are individual instances of subjective, conscious experience.


From this enlightening TEDRadio Hour podcast

Prettifying Photos of Yourself Just Turns You into a Walking Letdown

Prettifying is a word, firstly. It’s the act of making prettier, especially in a superficial way.

Prettifying photos is also a tech trend these days, apparently. Big enough it’s helped Snapchat and other apps grow exponentially, according to Wired magazine. While it’s great to have nice photos of yourself that look better than the real life you, the problem is people don’t meet your photos in person. They meet you.

The real you.

The real you that’s less than the prettified picture of you.

And what would you expect their reaction to be?

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When Did WordPress Become So Bad at Blocking Spam Comments?

It’s probably been close to a year now, but the spamming comments just has been getting worse and worse on WordPress! Tonight I got over 20! That’s a lot of wasted time to clean out things if I were to be consistently good at it. Not vetting comments before they get posted is just a way for these people to get free click throughs and make it hard for anyone who cares to look through the comments.

WordPress’ spam filters hasn’t seemed to have kept up with the times. Surely they can do better! Block stuff with multiple links. Block website userIDs unless it is a popular social media ID. People can still use bogus emails if they really want to comment but don’t want to give their real emails. But bogus email spam is of little value because there are no click throughs to sites… considering the suggestion I also had about blocking multiple links in a comment. They might get one link there, but someone would have to actually read the comment to see the link, not just see it in a widget on the sidebar.

Also, there are many repeated phrases. Catch some of them. Not all of them. Just some. That’s enough for a few blocks.

I remember the days when hardly any spam came through with Askimet protecting against spam. Something has not kept up with the times. Whatever it is, I hope it is soon because it is really annoying. Banning comments defeats the purpose of the blog as a social media tool of sorts.

WordPress folks, are you listening? Good luck!