Me in Under 125 Words’s been about a week since I’ve posted, but not due to lack of writing. Well, it was due to lack of writing for one day. Yesterday was the first day in 2021 where I didn’t do any writing, but I needed a break after editing, rewriting, and writing bits and parts of a 50,000-ish word short novel of literary nonfiction I had originally written for the 2019 3-Day Novel Writing Contest. I did this for an application for a writing mentorship in Canada. It’ll be a long shot, but the way I look at it, nobody ever bought a lottery ticket thinking it was going to be a short shot, you know? And you can’t win the lottery unless you play, as I often say, for one of my many life philosophies I had written for myself over the years that I had blogged about.

As part of the application for this writing mentorship, I was asked to write a short profile in 125 words, or less. It was a profile for this mentorship, remember, and not just any profile like for a job, or to be a contestant on a game show, etc. However, I thought I got myself a pretty accurate and fun one, using the 116 words below.

X X is a Vietnamese refugee who came to Halifax as a child in 1980, where he now works as a Z Z. However, he is far better known as a good marathon runner, fashion designer, and tailor, while being overlooked as a blogger, semi-classical poet, and innovator. He aspires to add writer to that identity over the next few years, developing his writing craftsmanship towards a memoir of his childhood in Viet Nam and Canada that he hopes will be the first of many for a generational demographic yet to tell their history. He currently lives on his own, without house, spouse, car, kid, pet, debt, stress, or excess, except interests, and time to pursue them.

What do you think?

And what would you 125 word or less profile say? Feel free to leave a link or the profile in the comments below should you wish to share.


355 words

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