Ask Why Not? As Often As You Ask Why? the printed version of my book containing all these quotes, the Table of Contents is dead smack in the middle, serving as the “symbolic essay” to this quote. This design feature served three functions:

  1. If you were to just pick up the book and open it in the middle, or looked for the Table of Contents and could not find it at the start so you flipped to the middle to see if it were different from the first few pages, you’d find the entire list of quotes and not just a few.
  2. Once you found the Table of Contents in the middle, you’d be wondering why it were there, to which the response would be, why not? as per the quote.
  3. It would keep the spoiler of all the quotes, or at least 71 of them with essays, from the digital free preview.

So here then, after all the essays had been shared in previous days’ posts, are the listing of all 71 quotes with accompanying essays in the book.

  1. The best thing you can give someone, including yourself, is chance
  2. Treat everyone fairly, not equally
  3. Life isn’t fair, live to make it fairer
  4. Conventional wisdom is more often convention than wisdom
  5. Stir not pots which’s contents you know not
  6. If you have to think twice, think thrice
  7. Err on the side of care
  8. No mistake is fully one if you learned something from it
  9. A good mistake is really hard to make
  10. Tests are reality’s lucky charms
  11. Only plans C to Z are optional
  12. AND not OR
  13. Bring solutions, not problems
  14. Believe, before you achieve
  15. Surround yourself with those who inspire and achieve, and you, too, will inspire and achieve
  16. Think we, rather than me, more often
  17. Always have something to prove, whether to yourself or to others
  18. Don’t just prove something, prove it emphatically!
  19. Don’t live with a chip on your shoulder, live with one on each
  20. Heart over matter
  21. Down is not the only way to go when at the top
  22. Many jacks of few trades are masters of none
  23. How good you are at something is far less important than what you do with it
  24. What will you bring to the game?
  25. Create your own vocabulary once in a while
  26. If you can’t be friends, try to be frenemies
  27. Time is the ultimate frenemy
  28. Procrastinate productively
  29. Knowledge is power only if it were used
  30. Logic is not always logical
  31. Learn something from everyone you meet
  32. Develop your unlearning skills as much as your learning skills
  33. Smiling is the second best medicine
  34. Life’s Theory of Relativity states that everything is relative
  35. May all your travels be life changing
  36. Ask why not? as often as you ask why?
  37. A world led by women would be a more compassionate one
  38. Unimaginable laws past and present make all future laws imaginable
  39. Religion is a farm, spirituality is a garden
  40. Artificial intelligence will never be stupid enough to be human
  41. Being trendy is about being able to follow, which explains its mass appeal
  42. It’s cool to be brown, so long as it’s temporary
  43. Many want the truth, but few can handle it
  44. You can’t be a shit disturber unless there was shit to disturb
  45. The best and worst stories we each know are the ones we tell ourselves
  46. You have true power only if you can share it, because otherwise, it has you
  47. Live each day as if it were your last, and soon it will be
  48. You can only sit on the fence for so long without hurting
  49. It might hurt to ask, as well as to get the answer
  50. Many things said are best done with a closed mouth
  51. If you were going to be an open book, be a mystery
  52. You are the greatest puzzle you will ever know
  53. Fame will make everything about a person more interesting
  54. Flaws are what make people most interesting
  55. There can’t be humans in utopia because we are not perfect
  56. The more open is your idea of beauty, the more beautiful your world will be
  57. If it were lust, it will pass If it were love, it will last
  58. True love is made, not found
  59. Love is the ultimate lottery
  60. You can’t win the lottery unless you play
  61. A near death experience is a good thing every now and then
  62. Death is the ultimate way to understand forever
  63. Think of people in life as you would think of them in death
  64. You will ultimately regret what you did not do far more than anything you did that ended badly
  65. Don’t seek your purpose in life as if there could be only one
  66. A life without challenges is a life wasted
  67. Everything that happens to me happens for a great reason, whether I know it then or not
  68. Everything done now will mean more later
  69. Nature’s end game is always equilibrium
  70. A great proverb needs no explanation
  71. I wish you karma

#72 is the previous post of 29 quotes I wrote without essays, under the quote of Second Best is the Best of the Rest.

I have more I didn’t get to, and hope to write many more before my life is done. Here’s to a future edition of Stars I Put in my Sky to Live By with more quotes, if for no reason other than just for my enjoyment because I LOVE writing quotes.

Thank you so much for reading!


This post is one of 70 quotes I wrote, each with an accompanying essay, in my e-book and paperback Stars I Put in my Sky to Live By, on Amazon or Smashwords (choose your price including free!).

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