Second Best Is The Best Of The Rest 29 quotes of mine, including the title, are the ones for which I chose not to write an accompanying essay for a symbolic reason I will keep to myself, but which I still wanted to share:

  1. Advise yourself before you advise others
  2. Be good at sticking to plans, be great at sticking to goals
  3. Be your own best critic, not your own worst critic
  4. Criticism is free advice with whatever value you give them
  5. Fame is becoming increasingly easier to get
  6. Genetics only begets potential, not Destiny
  7. I pray to ask questions, I run to get answers
  8. If you had double standards, hold yourself to the higher one
  9. It is hard to sleep when you dream with eyes wide open
  10. It is better to be factually correct than politically correct
  11. More even distribution is the only true economic problem
  12. Most human binaries are continuums
  13. Never have nothing you don’t like about yourself
  14. Never underestimate the power of administration
  15. Only those who matter to you can disappoint you
  16. Opposites attract applies more to science than to love
  17. Reality is my drug of choice
  18. Rejections are wonderful sources of motivation
  19. Save your world before you save the world
  20. Simplicity is the highest form of complexity
  21. Some people’s expectations are not worth living up to
  22. Some words are worth a thousand pictures
  23. The world needs more therapists, not leaders
  24. There should be a quote for everything
  25. There is no stare more intense than that of one’s mortality
  26. Tolerance and impatience are both gifts of relationships
  27. Universal basic income promotes equality, not fairness
  28. What are you giving your biographer to write about?


This post is one of 70 quotes I wrote, each with an accompanying essay, in my e-book and paperback Stars I Put in my Sky to Live By, on Amazon or Smashwords (choose your price including free!).

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