Only Plans C to Z are Optional often do you have a back-up plan to things you do, whether all things or just things with some consequence? That back-up plan doesn’t have to be extensive, just that you know what you’ll do if what you planned didn’t turn out to be feasible or get you what you wanted. Now, how often do you have more than one back-up plan?

In English, Plan B is a common term used for a back-up plan, or a plan less preferable to the first. In either case, Plan B is often regarded as being optional. But that’s in the world, not in my world.

I’m very much a planner type of person. I also take many calculated risks where I reduce risk through careful planning, with multiple rather than single back-up plans. As a result, my mindset and approach to everything life are never without a Plan B if I have any time to think about a plan at all. Often, I’ll also have a Plan C, D, or more, usually without a huge effort to slow down my life much as I’m just naturally very creative with options. In that sense, to me, only Plans C to Z are optional. It’s something I once recited often, like a mantra, but all that planning has become so automatic to me now that I only ever say it to myself now for affirmation when I’m not enjoying the process of developing plans beyond B. Those would be for situations with potentially grim outcomes if I should fail in the risks I would be taking, especially risks where I might not have a real, practical choice but to take them.


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