Tests are Reality’s Lucky Charms

https://digitalcitizen.ca/category/my-quotes/What do you think of tests? From academic or otherwise formal tests, to life, metaphorical, and informal tests. You probably don’t have one answer for them all, like I don’t, but do you generally view them favourably or not?

I have learned to take a good attitude towards tests, no matter what I might think of any given one. I look at them as ways to help me succeed at whatever topic for which they are testing me. How I judge them is only on how well I think they might be able to help me, not that they are helping me.

Anything that helps someone succeed is essentially something that boosts their odds at succeeding. In the world of odds, good luck charms work in the same way. They are intended to improve our chances of success. Whether or not they do, or do by much, is another matter, like how I view tests. Given that tests are for things in real life, sometimes administered by life itself, in my eyes, then, tests are reality’s good luck charms.


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