AND not OR constantly wanting more always have to constitute greed? Can it not be about excellence to be better? Can it not be about kindness to allow others to benefit more, or more others to benefit, unlike greed that benefits the self?

And not or sounds like a philosophy of greed, and one that makes little sense without typographical assistance to hint the first and third words are nouns, the way they are used as words, rather than conjunctions they normally are grammatically. All that, I would concede. That said, I do think that with a little thought and assumption of good intent, you would have been able to see for yourself how this short life philosophy is about possibilities, excellence and/or benevolence, rather than greed.

How I derived this life philosophy was that I pride myself to be a person of possibilities in being the creative type. So any time I am presented with a choice of this or that, often by me to myself upon first thought, my first rebuttal is whether this and that were possible, in full or to some extent? That is, if each choice presented as being mutually exclusive had a value of 1, could I find a way to get an outcome with a value greater than 1 by combining both choices to some extent? Where possible, I take time to get a confident answer, whether yes or no, rather than settle for response from first impression and/or intuition.

In over two decades of using this life philosophy, the answer I usually get to my query is no. However, there have been more than enough cases of yes, many with truly glorious outcomes, for me to keep my faith in the process to continue to rebut and seek answers any time I’m given mutually exclusive choices, as per my #2 life philosophy.


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