A Charity That Uses ALL of your Donation for Its Cause

There’s a good reason why I don’t donate to most charities. I don’t approve of how they spend some, if not a good portion, of they money they receive for donations. Exorbitant salaries, luxurious overhead and trips, celebration parties among other parties, etc. You might call me judgmental for it, and I’d come back at you with You’re damn right, I am! And count yourself lucky if I don’t throw some expletives at you to adequately describe how I feel.

I’m not not heartless or a scrooge of a person with my money, though. I just make sure I give it to causes where I know none of it will go to “waste” on things I don’t approve of. It is my money, and I’ll do what I want to do with it, thank you! I also donate to charities sometimes for the sake of team spirit, like corporate fundraising where departments have targets to reach and everybody is putting in a good effort. But otherwise, no sirree!

Recently, though, I heard about Charity: Water, a charity where all of your donation goes to getting people access to water. They sometimes fail in their quest, but that’s totally acceptable. They’re genuinely trying their hardest. Nobody’s perfect… and not the least living the high life off your donations. How do they do it? Listen to the fantastic Masters of Scale podcast episode below that is part of an amazing podcast I recently also discovered for myself. There’s a LOT of innovation to be inspired and amazed by!


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