What to Call Patriots’ Latest Scandal Involving Videos AND Balls?

First it was video of others in the act in Spy-gate and Head Coach Bill Bellichick.

Then it was deflating balls in Deflategate with quarterback Tom Brady.

Now, it’s video of people in the act AND deflating of balls with owner Robert Kraft!

Not to be outdone in the realm of cheating by his employees, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is now at the centre of his own scandal whereby he solicited the services of prostitutes in Jupiter, Florida. Somewhat ironically, or perhaps karmically, and certainly comically, it involves elements of both other scandals. This time, though, it was police recording Kraft of the Patriots, not the Patriots recording others, going through the motions, and it was the Patriot deflating his own balls, not balls used by others.

Police in Jupiter, Florida, have charged Kraft with solicitation of prostitution. While it is just a charge at the moment, they have video of Kraft engaged in sexual acts, deflating his balls… twice. Probably just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke, or mistaken identity, and make it harder for Kraft to buy himself out of it in legal court. He won’t be able to buy his way out of it in the court of public opinion, though.

The prostitution solicitation, were of women forced to work as prostitutes rather than sex workers by choice, which is a different issue all together. Solicitation of forced prostitutes is criminal, but it may not be “cheating”, which is much harder to explain these days, as world famous psychotherapist Esther Perel points out. So how did I conclude Robert Kraft was cheating?

Probability. I’ll apologize here if it somehow were not, like of scenarios described below or something similar.

Kraft has been dating actress Ricki Noel Lander for 6-7 years now, since 2012. She’s a tad over half his age now (39 to 77), but would have been less than half his age when they started. Maybe their relationship is “open”, just not revealed to the media because open relationships are still taboo. In said case, Kraft may not be “cheating”. Maybe she isn’t his girlfriend or have any common relationship status so Kraft doesn’t have anyone to “cheat on”, but to the public eye, at least, he’s cheating on her.

If Kraft were cheating on Ricki then, Esther would have an interesting case on her hands for (seemingly) people who cheat, that she has explored. This may be an extreme example, though. Billionaire, relationship to beautiful woman half his age, wins Super Bowl of late with dynasty sports team he owns, what is Kraft missing or what ails him that is the meaning of his cheating?

We’ll see when it all unfolds, but this has the makings of the largest Patriots scandal yet. If people didn’t like the Patriots before, they have a whole new level of reasoning to dislike them now!

And what should we call this new scandal?

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