How to Do REAL Facebook Stories

Facebook stories is a feature on Facebook that is essentially a visually primped up collection of posts on another stream besides the Newsfeed, intended to get it more attention with some isolation from your main Newsfeed. Probably to cause more addiction, too, to be honest. See a more technical description of what Facebook Stories is and how it works in the link at the start of this paragraph. Even in that description, though, it’s not really a “story”, even the briefest of stories. If you really want to do stories on Facebook, try this simple method that will give you something closer to a real story, and something better than Facebook Stories.

Make a post that’s essentially an opener to something more. That could be some coy or summarizing status, or a photo or video with caption, that doesn’t give away everything, but rather hint at more. Preferably, this isn’t just an incomplete sentence unless it was a prelude to a list. Hopefully, it is a true one or two short sentence introduction to something more. Then, in your comments, write more, whether in just one, or more comments.

If someone beats you to one or all your comments required to finish your “story”, that’s fine. Either tell them to wait, or you’ll probably answer their questions since your status was hinting at some things that should be obvious to ask for. They just didn’t know you were going to write more, or didn’t give you the chance so they asked the obvious questions.

If you want to build a little more drama, leave a little time between comments. I don’t suggest this for just one comment, but if you were to write more than one, hint with one right after the status. Then write more later.

It’s all a lot closer to a real story on Facebook, than a Facebook story!

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