My Awair Air Quality Monitor Sampling Experiments

I recently got the new 2nd edition Awair air quality monitor.

With this, I will be conducting ongoing air quality sampling experiments in the future to see how various places, conditions, activities and induced activities affect air quality, including:

  • At different places, including home, work and other public spaces;
  • Under different conditions, like before and after a night’s sleep, crowding like with parties, places through the seasons as weather and “fresh” air exposure changes, homes with pets and/or smokers;
  • After various activities like frying smoked bacon, showers and other bathroom activities;
  • After induced activities with air, like breathing (regular, recovery after cardio, mints, bad breath foods), and funny but less palatable activities like farting (yes, I will do farting tests lol);
  • Other things I can think of or people might suggest to me.


I will post results on my new Air Awair Instagram account that will mostly be screen captures of the results on my phone. On my first full day of having the device in my apt, I got the right outdoor conditions (temperature and humidity with slight breeze) to give me what I think is the maximum score of 99! I don’t see room for 100 on the display but we’ll see what Awair says to my question.


The Awair readings rate like this for scale, with the Score being a calculation Awair came up with.


I may post some discussion and pull together some results on this blog once in a while, but will mostly post results on Instagram so as not to drive most subscribers crazy with posts they may not have cared for. This blog was never about air quality! 🙂

Please join me for my air quality sampling adventures if it interested you by following the account above on Instagram!

Lots of nerdy, but even insightful, times ahead!

Thank you.

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